Like a natural woman?

A forest skybox. A black negligee. My mind bounces to Aretha Franklin and then to Simone de Beauvoir, who freaked me out when I was at an impressionable age—32—with her claim that woman is uniquely free and fulfilled only when she is an adolescent at play in fields and forests. I don’t like nature. Never did. It’s dangerous at best. Oh sure, once every five years, I’ll go out into it, poke a stick at a plant-like thing in a tide-pool. And then never get over how bad I feel when the thing closes right up, bruised and defensive. For me, feminism is about getting in on the action. It’s a battle that takes place on the stage of the urban environment, not a melancholy recollection of a “lost” natural peace.

Chocolate atelier’s sexy babydoll lingerie is available this month in black or red at The Gallery Gift Shop. It comes with a large bow, not shown here, which drapes beautifully over the cleavage. Creator Yukachoco Magic seems to have used up all her material on that bow, because the babydoll skirt gaps quite a bit in the back, where a teensy-weensy panty is all that stands between your av and erm the dew of the forest at dusk. In this post, Portia also sports a Paperbag bodysuit that appears to be patterned with the image of a botanical specimen commonly associated with pleasure. I picked the bodysuit up at one of the special discount events, but I don’t recall which one. Not because I’ve been smoking. Because there are too many events to keep track of. I couldn’t find the item on Seraphim. And The Rumor is just too slow-loading to consult. Rumor, please get it together! I miss the snark.

Credits to creators
Look one
chocolate atelier, Lucia “Black” Babydoll (at TGGS till mid-April; Ty Ms. Magic!)
[Shag] – Pussy Galore – obsidian
-Glam Affair- Linn – Terra D (at TDR but only until tomorrow morningish)
Poetic Colors, eyes by LL – bali sunset – medium
:: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Eyelashes
*Sanu Pearlescence Pink/gold Drop Necklace

Look two
PaperBag. Sheer Necessity Green
booN KGI848 hair black
booN gathered raised hairbase black
-Glam Affair- Linn – Terra D (at TDR but only until tomorrow morningish)
La Malvada Mujer – Trick Pony #5 [eyes]
[ glow ] Rhapsody eyelashes – Peacock (nose)
– Glam Affair – Stella Eyes n4

poses: Purple Poses (pack at Perfect Wardrobe)
set: BP*, Drowsy Sky box (hunt gift at Drowsy)

Special shout out to Nilla Bean for her covert help with that unnameable thing. Ty!


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