My dream is on the screen

Aranel Ah just released two sexy mesh dresses for BOOM, the Hye, seen here, and the Taut, which I’ll feature in my next post. Since mesh was introduced, I’ve avoided a lot of dresses that didn’t flatter my av’s shape. But when I tried on the Hye dress, which gives one’s av a super curvaceous silhouette, no matter what the size, I realized that I needed to work with the mesh dress, adjusting my girl’s body to suit the lines and mood of the designer’s creation. This is akin to that real life problem when the dress is wearing you. In real life we change our shoes, add more makeup, put on the padded bra, etc., in order to show the dress who’s boss.

As I played around with settings I discovered that the Hye dress looks good no matter what my av’s height. But Portia needed to bulk up to fill it fully. The shape of the dress changes when you adjust the Body Thickness and Body Fat settings. I imagine that creators don’t want us deforming their dresses with fat. But damn, I had so much fun making a plumper Portia. In the end, she wasn’t just wearing the dress, she was working it. In a coal mine. Perspiring ever so lightly, she squeezed sooty morsels with her powerful new body. Coal went nova between her breasts, her thighs, under her armpits, and behind her knees. Thanks to the Hye dress, Portia’s a diamondaire.

I needed big hair for bigger Portia and that meant LeLutka’s queen do, the Brigitte, which always makes my day. For the skin I chose the decadent Red Cherry makeup from LpD’s Natalia, my favourite thus far of Nevery Lorakeet’s creations. I promise that in part II of this post, my styling will be less low-rent sexy. (Kooky girls can go Taut too.)

Credits to creators
*BOOM* Hye Tube Dress (royal purple) -XS- [MESH] (NEW; ty Aranel Ah!)
*LpD* Skins – *Natalia* Red Cherry Breast 2 (ty Nevery Lorakeet!)
Debrah’s “Coty” HighHeels Black Snake
su . vida `. holly wood ring (L) coal (store is closed)
su . vida `. holly wood ring (R) coal (store is closed)
[LeLutka]-BRIGITTE hair – Sweeden
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Onyx):::
{Dead CarroT} {mmm Purple and moi…] Tatt 1 (UPDATE: store is not closed)
::UH::GemStone eye G04 (old gift)
poses Glitterati, Model Pose Pack 150-159
location Virtual Decay
GIMPed with love


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