Twist and pout

I don’t have much to say today. I’m exhausted after a week of troubleshooting students’ emotions, fighting the administration’s new culture of humiliation and persecution, and grieving my losses. But this is a pretty outfit.

Exodi is closing today at 9PM SLT. No sales. Just lovely skins like Sylvan that are gonna go bye-bye. Portia’s skin was a special-event item, so this shade, Cafe, may not be available.

No Wow, a new pose store in town, celebrates its grand opening with a free pack of twisty poses.

Credits to creators
The Sea Hole, Camille Crop Top black
coldLogic skirt – coyle.plum punch (M) (New; MESH)
:: Exodi :: Sylvan Cafe – Shadow 5 with :: Exodi :: Lipsticks – Girlie 1
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing (came with skin)
(Yummy) Agate Slice Necklace (Collabor88)
IMBUE. Neesha Wedges – Black
Ricielli Mesh TDR – YUSE bag – sweet yellow

no wow, Wild Thing (free pack of poses)
pics one and two needed GIMP; pic three was left to fend for itself
Mayfair location


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