In my Easter bonnet apocalypse

I dunno how such a sweet theme went sour. I love Easter-time, love the chocolate, sure, but also the bunnies and the chicks. The stuffed ones. That they make for kids. Show me a lamb-headed Pez and I giggle. (Unless there’s a Jesus reference hidden in there. I am orthodox pagan on this Easter thing.) I love to hide chocolate eggs for people, or just sneak up close to someone’s office door and roll one in as a surprise (slash tripping hazard). And I’m pretty sure I read a study showing that peeling foil off eggs is so time-consuming that it reduces chocolate consumption by an amount equivalent to one whole egg.

R.icielli is holding its annual giant gold Easter egg “hunt.” Portia’s gold sequined top and high-waisted jeans are variations on recent mesh releases. Each egg costs 15L. Portia’s perfect colour-block flats are part of a 75L Project Themeory 3-pack at Tokidoki.

LaGyo’s Bow Hat really is the perfect Easter bonnet. The colour-change bow looks like chic rabbit ears. Portia’s skin is the latest of the divine offerings from Atomic at The Dressing Room Blue. This round features a pack of brown eyes from Glow. It is so hard to get brown eyes that don’t just turn into cold, dark blotches where your av’s eyes should be. Glow’s eyes-layer eyes are very small, as you can see, and the prim eyes are very big, so you may find them perfect for role-play. Just don’t tell me what the wolf did with Grandma.

Credits to creators
LaGyo_Bow hat Nostalgia
[Atomic] Grace Skin (DB)_Buff – Electric (TDR Blue Exclusive)
[ glow ] Scenic Eyes – Ochre (Shadow)

Day look
tokid, colour flats loud (Themeory item)
Ricielli mesh, (S)Leather Highwaisted skinny [jeans]/palepin (hunt item 3, 15L)
Ricielli mesh, (M) minitop sequined gold (hunt item 7, 15L), Turtleneck Navy

Evening look
Color.Me.H.O.F [LazyDaySweater[Ombre] (TDR Blue)
:: PM :: Selva Necklace in Love (old hunt gift)

poses: !bang, Pose Pack 240-249
There was GIMPing.
Nuria Niven showed us this sim: Spratlys


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