Sheep loss

As soon as I topped Aliza Karu’s new Pallina dress with booN’s quirkily curly hair, I knew Portia would need to pose as a shepherdess. But by the time she settled into HPMD’s swing, with its wonderfully dreamy poses, I could tell she was scheming how to keep the look of Bo Peep without having to hang onto the sheep. The AD Creations dress is a ZombiePopcorn Brand exclusive for the latest collection.

In addition to the jacket shown here, the Pallina dress comes with a wiiide-brimmed hat. This month’s group gift from Al Vulo is a deeply tanned skin with gold-flecked eyes and a mochalicious mouth.

I had to run this third picture because it shows off the dramatic shape of the dress, which is mesh. The jacket, detached sleeves and pantaloons are sculpties.

Credits to creators
[AD] Pallina (partly MESH) (ZombiePopcorn exclusive; ty Aliza Karu!)
al vulo- leilani* april gold fish claveage sunkissed (VIP gg)
:[P]:- Soul Ink Reloaded://(Tint):Winnt (this was a gacha at Fashion For life but there are dozens to choose from at the shop)
booN FNQ123 hair chestnut
NX-Nardcotix Zoe Platform Monochrome (MESH; only at OGlam mall)
:Hebenon Vial: Clockwork Collar [Burlesque] (store is closed)
Crackberry~ Cotton Candy Pink [Wear Me] (so old I forgot I had it)
::UmedamaHolic::GemStone eye G04 (old gift)
standing poses: Glitterati
location: EY:NO
GIMPage happened

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