Why don’t you…

…own a denim shirt in real life? The window of Anthropologie managed to persuade me to try on some denim shirts but couldn’t overcome my ambivalence. In one respect, denim shirts are preferable to jeans because they are less likely to be pre-ruined with fake holes or blighted with fanciful patterns that bear no resemblance to signs of wear. (My firmest rule of thumb: if the thighs remind me in any way of the shroud of Turin, I yank the jeans off and silently thank no-God for the sane plain blackness of dress pants.) Unlike jeans, a denim shirt gets close to ones face in a way that even overalls can’t match. In my case, a denim shirt is a no-no because it is extremely flattering. To my actual face. Which is the face of a peasant or a preppy rather than the aristocratic creature I imagine. Denim shows all the world that I am not the winter I pretend to be, that my stunning white skin is actually a sweet pink dappled with cute brown spots. Gag. This means that it’s safer for me and my fragile image if I stick to pixel denim. Until I work the craving out of my system, Portia will be denimed up in my stead. If you want to do that 70s thing with the knotted working-man’s shirt, I recommend Ison’s tight-fitting version, which is available in a delicious range of washes and at a very good price point.

It’s such a treat to have a new hairdo from Bubbles Clawtooth. This style, which is available at Collabor88, features a subtle ombre effect on the curly ends as well as beautiful highlighting throughout. Portia’s Illusory skin is also from Collabor88. There’s only one tone but the pack offers light and dark brow options and teeth and no-teeth versions.

Credits to creators
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Frenchie (LB) (Collabor88)
Clawtooth: Bon voyage – Girl Next Door from the Captivating Brunettes pack (Collabor88)
ISON – tied up denim shirt (blue)
Willow~ Cropped Striped Sweater- Salmon (old hunt gift)
ohmarie couture, mesh heartring (gift in store)
poses: OLive Juice, Long Hair
Windlight: was a gift from Noir Gothly through her Noirilicious website (perhaps you can beg her for it)
GIMPage controlled damage and brought out the shine in my av’s hair


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