The 11th commandment

I’m pretty sure it’s the eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not wear horizontal stripes because they make thou look fat. And yet here I am, wearing them in both lives. In real life, I can only afford matelot shirts, but in SL I have the luxury of wearing beautifully combined colour stripes in girly skirts. This outfit is a TokiDoki Stumblebum special. Another version in earth tones is just as winning.

This little number was a special event item at Ohmarie and isn’t in the shop right now. Why don’t you beg the creator to issue it in more colours?

Credits to creators
Look one
/Wasabi Pills/ Shiki Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Golden (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
(TokiD) casual sandals (mint) (VIP group gift; fee to join)
(TokiD) faded dress (easter) [pack contains only a jacket layer and no mod pants that were too long for my av; I worked around the pants problem with an alpha from another skirt] (Stumblebum item)
[Atomic] Grace Skin (DB)_Buff -Spring (TDR Blue Exclusive) (current TDR Blue)
[ glow ] studio – Mint roses hairband
[glow] Earrings – onyx – Bulletproof v.2 (current TDR)

Look two
/Wasabi Pills/ Lola Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Rouge
ohmarie SBS outfit (not available)
[Atomic] Skin Grace (DB)_Honey – Indulgence
Cheap Makeup-Tableau Lashes FREE
.Pekka. CRYSTAL Lipstick 3 (Stuff in Stock)
:::Sn@tch Squeeky Sandal (Straw)::
ohmarie mesh heartring (gift in store)
[glow] Earrings – onyx – Bulletproof v.2

poses: Apple Spice, Kawaii poses (Kawaii Fair)
location: new shop Into Dust


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