A special kind of angel…

…called a Charlie. When I was a child, I was awed by the glamour of Charlie’s Angels in their disco outfits. When I saw R.icielli’s mesh pants, I knew that I wanted to do an homage, but I couldn’t pull it together until I bought Kalnins’ fabulous multi-colour-changing sandals. (Oh how I wanted these when I first embraced SL fashion!) Everything at Kalnins is on sale until the store closes at the end of April. R.icielli still has all its older non-mesh items on sale for 50L, so I had no trouble getting a pretty, period-appropriate bodysuit to coordinate with the pants and shoes.

Credits to creators
Kalnins Footwear – Coquette (on sale!)
Ricielli Mesh – (S)Leather Highwaisted skinny [jeans]/blue (former TDR item, but other colours are available in the mesh section of the store)
R.icielli – IRIS body /coral (50L)
::je::suis::magnifique::bangles reds
[e] Mood – Brown 08)
[PF] Alyx – Candy Hearts (ltbrow) (this was a Bake Sale special skin that isn’t available any more)
Apple Spice, Heartbroken 001-010 poses (new at Pose Fair)

I had to GIMP the pants quite a bit. Bent legs are always a hassle; and the waist disappeared somewhere.


What do you think?

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