Cardboardy goodness

Stones, who hasn’t modeled for ages, got all dolled up at The Gallery Gift Shop. In addition to this striking mesh dress from 22769, she’s showing off a triple-butterfly topper from Vita’s Boudoir.

Anya Ohmai and Suetabulous Yootz, the team who brought us Epoch Legend, have created three new mesh sets for Pose Fair under the label Nuwiggles. Each of the diorama-style sets comes with about twenty poses and costs 500L. You can buy the whole shebang or buy just the set or just the poses. I have to say that in addition to loving the dark landscape, I really enjoy the detail of the corrugated cardboard edges. It brings back memories of my cut and paste days and of paper dolls, my favourite kind of toy.

You can build a cityscape where your eyelashes used to be with this clever set from Lucky #7 at TGGS. (Dig the crescent moon rising over the right eye.) You can also contribute to the fight against brain tumors by buying the Ohna hairdo at the Discord Designs (dDx) booth at Wear Gray for a Day. I’m a traditionalist, so I don’t usually buy a Lights pack when I’m buying dreads, but my obsession with red hair got the better of me.

Credits to creators
limo to TGGS. Thank you creators!
22769 ~ [femme] half arm dress green stripes [mesh] XXS (TGGS)
Vita’s Boudoir, Green Butterfly hat (TGGS)
-dDx- Ohna (Natural Ginger) [comes with hairbase] (Wear Gray for a Day donation item; ends April 22)
Heartsick : Precious : Muse : Juniper (MC / Frec / Brows) (old group gift)
[ #7 ] In the City Lashes M/C (TGGS)
N-core ULTRAPLATFORM “Bordeaux”
Nuwiggles, Forever Alone Pose Box (Pose Fair item)

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