Weird shiz in mah hair

You know when you have to buy a different leave-in spray-on conditioner and you discover to your horror that it looks like ji*z in your hair and makes every strand sticky not silky? You don’t?! Welcome to my real world, where I advise you to avoid 2Chic products. In the other, less disgusting world, Portia put on a Mynerva shape to work with Bar, the latest JesyLilo skin. Her skirt is the latest group gift from SMS, and her weed wifebeater is the SMS Stash Bash Hunt gift.

Aw, s’pretty. (Bar comes with cleavage, freckles and teeth options. There is also a Bar shape.)

Credits to creators
~ CoLoReTa’s:] flOwy -me tOp(1) (comes with a gut prim) (Fi*Friday item; also available in green/blue colours)
{SMS} Weed Cami (Stash Bash Hunt item)
haut.monde – Naughty Lace Dress – PInk
{SMS} Screamy Striped Skirt Orange GG (new gg)
WWI Army Girl Black Garters Khaki
~Mynerva~GG Milena Shape Mod (old group gift)
*JeSyLiLO*:::Bar:::*LightSkin*J5*BT (Flex) in the long shot and J6 without “flex” in the closeup
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing
-dDx- Sydd (Eggplant) (in the longshot) (Wear Gray pack) (in the longshot)
(r)M ~ Hair No.11 (F) ~ Brocade Red (in the closeup)
Dark Mouse Nouveau Lady Bakelite Earring – Orange
first pose: LISP – Rainy Days Umbrella (tex change)
second pose is an old one from Glitterati
location is the Cupcake Tea Party
The first pic is heavily GIMPed. The second one is basically raw: it just needed a bit of edge softening and pattern-pushing.
Did I use “shiz” correctly?


What do you think?

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