Colourblombred again

The new Karmen bag from Fleshtone is so beautifully textured—and comes in such delicate colours—that you have probably been licking blog pictures all week. I don’t blame you. I paired the new bag with an older dress by Nylon Outfitters that taps into the current colourblock trend. Note that I couldn’t resist the ombre pack of Laviere’s new Astris hair. I keep telling myself that in three months time I will regret buying all these colourblombred stuffies. But I get such a kick out of these strange versions of multicolourism.

Many recent skin releases have looked hideorrendous on Portia. So I decided that I will simply make her over whenever necessary. The skilled bloggers say they tweak their avs. I practically rearranged Portia’s face, all for the love of LpD’s new Sabrina skin, which I was determined to get on my girl. I wanted her to look kinda ordinary, like a B-list actress from the 1930s, instead of super glamorous or cartoony. I did have to do some post-production to hide the flaws in her face, but that was mostly a matter of shrinking her jowls, not repainting the skin. Then I saturated the colour and added a filter, because I decided that sometimes it has to be okay to try to capture the spirit of the skin, not just stick to the letter. Did I do wrong?

Credits to creators

Fleshtone, Karmen Bag Blush (NEW; ty Gisele Mubble and StevenZ. G.!)
*LpD* Skins – *Sabrina* Soft Pink Darker Tan (NEW; ty Nevery!)
cStar Limited – Spectrum Lines Eyeliner
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles01_Darker
Umeboshi, from the Dreamy Eyes-The Blues pack (at TGGS; ty Keiba!)
-LaViere- Astris – Brown Roots (Ombre pack)
Eclectica Vintage Barette-silver- (NEW; ty Tiffy Vella!)
(NO) Tea Dress -Blocks
Ingenue :: Luna Bustier :: Noir (part of an outfit)
(Milk Motion) My little cape (glittered) (old TDR item)
poses Glitterati
location: near the Cynful store


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