Blonde surprise

I was contemplating purchases of new skins, one from a line I have long loved and one from an established line I’ve never worn. I just couldn’t pay $1,000L for something that didn’t look astonishing. So I fished out my only Laqroki skin, which I wore twice, went with a blonde hairdo for a change, and added makeup until I didn’t recognize Portia. Mayfly’s new shadow version of the mesh Monet Dawn eyes gives this look a much needed twist. The unusual pose is from la petite morte’s Editorial Headshots set, which is available through April 30 at Pose Fair.

I’ve been eyeing Tokidoki’s perfect mesh capris, so I was thrilled when Maya Levane gave her VIP group a pair in a stunning shade of pale blue. Portia’s Imbue tee-shirt is so simple, but the pattern gives it a very flattering shape.

I was imagining that I’d like to work in an office like this, and then I realized I’d have to look as good as my surroundings. So it’s best that I stay in my present place of employment, the basement of a brutalist shack, where I look fabulous because I am neither made of concrete nor covered in acoustics enhancers. P.S. Portia has a spiky bottom. On her bag.

Credits to creators
(TokiD) rolled chinos_Small (group gift) [MESH] (NEW gg; fee to join)
IMBUE. Geometric Crop (NEWish)
::Exile:: Ramona:Hollywood (at TDR)
Mayfly – Deep Sky Eyes (Monet Dawn Shadow, w1) (NEW; ty Arkesh Baral!)
LAQ ~ Lovisa [Milky] 01
cheLLe – (makeup) Frenching Gabrielle (at Collabor88)
Cheap Makeup- Babysitters Club Lashes
.Pekka. CRYSTAL Lipstick 1
.Pekka. KERE Lipline (white)
:::Sn@tch Nail Candy (Pewter)::: (35L for big pack during sale)
:::Sn@tch Revolver Tatt (0L during sale)
N-core POISON “Bleu Ciel” [one set of straps, the heel and the laces are colour change…wheeee!]
[Lauria] Boheme Earrings
{*I <3FashiOn*} Bag transgressive (group gift)
la pettie morte, editorial headshots (at Pose Fair, closes on the 30th)
PurplePose, Ella pack
location: Modavia sim


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