Glammah shock

Culture Shock opens today. Many of us will spend the next few days trying in vain to get into the venue. I don’t want to torture people with pics of outfits that can’t be recreated, so today I thought I’d (temporarily) freak out my less adventurous readers with a look that shouldn’t be attempted at home. Not without adult supervision. Most of Portia’s outfit is from Plank Couture. The Widowa Arachniae Dress comes with a big wig and a metal spider that sits on your av’s face, but not in a sexy way. It really really really frightened me, so I decided to go with a soothing silver lace mask from blackLiquid and a ginormous headdress from Merengue. The Widowa Arachniae dress comes with an alternate animated skirt that turns slowly around your av’s body. It would be perfect for machinima.

Portia’s skin and tribal makeup are from la petite morte. I chose the palest tone of Voshie Paine’s lavender-painted Hanna skin, but there are two darker shades on offer. (The lighting in this pic is deceptive. It’s a very pale skin.) All three are donation items. The black eyeliner is a gift from BOOM at the Summer Beauty Fair.

Credits to creators
Thank you to all the Culture Shock creators! Although I have tried to keep track of the donation items to benefit Doctors Without Borders, I may have missed some. Apologies for that! All the Culture Shock direct LMs can be found on one handy-dandy page.
~plank couture~ Widowa Arachniae Dress (at Culture Shock, 50% of 250L)
Rotten Toe, black ruff (very old discount room item)
blackLiquid HOOD – silver lace hood [comes with dangling black or white pearl not shown] (at Culture Shock, 50% of 200L)
Merengue ****** BaObA *******version 1 (at Culture Shock, 50% of 250L)
MONS[Summer Love Collection] Cuff Silver (at Culture Shock)
.la petite morte. Hanna GHOST Iced (at Culture Shock, 50% of 500L)
.la petite morte. tribal makeup black (at Culture Shock)
*BOOM* Black Tar eye makeup (no lash) (gift at Summer Beauty Fair)
*JeSyLiLO*:::DeepEyes:::*Blue (at Culture Shock)
blackLiquid NAILS – water sz10only (at Fashion Limited)
J’s Thigh High BOOTS Black
Status, from the Glammah Shots pack (at Culture Shock)


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