Shock to your soft side

I decided to go all out for a sexy look with a new cutout dress from Mons, tousled blonde hair from lamb, and a new Lara Hurley skin featuring Barbie-worthy pink lips and electric-purple-lined eyes. And then I had to go and use sensitive lighting, draining all the va va and most of the voom. Which is actually okay, because the palette of the Mons gown is so subtle that an av doesn’t have to be all hot and bothered to wear it. The VintageLong Dress is part of Ekilem Melodie’s latest release in her Summer of Love series, and you will find it only at Culture Shock through May 26.

Portia’s soft and sweet skin is just one of the three Lara Hurley skins set to raise funds for Doctors without Borders at Culture Shock. Each pack contains three skintones as well as tats for cleavage and hairbases. I was able to get into the CS sim twice this weekend and had no trouble moving around and TPing from spot to spot, so you do not need to grow your first grey hair before making the scene. And yes, I am running out of shock-themed titles. Can anyone think of a word that rhymes with monkey but isn’t negative like junkie or flunkey?

Credits to creators
MONS [Summer Love Collection] Vintage LongDress (S-M) green (only at Culture Shock; ty Ekilem Melodie!)
Lara Hurley-Liz /pale (600L, 50% donation at Culture Shock)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown (these are really pretty!) (250L, 50% donation at Culture Shock; ty Ekilem Melodie!)
!lamb. Isolation – Honeycomb Roots
LaGyo_Paisley necklace bronze [colour change] (donation item only at Culture Shock)
LISP – Sunny Days Parasol (tex change)
location: SLOW
GIMPed for your pleisure.

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