Less shock, more chic

Today we have more news from Culture Shock: the Brera pump from YS&YS, which comes in a bunch of textures and colours, and can be worn with or without socks. Portia sports the Doctors Without Borders 100% donation colour. Also new at Culture Shock: the pretty bowed blouse from Jack Spoon. You may know that I prefer very flat pictures of my av in unexpressive poses. Today I tried to capture a little of the dynamism in Steffy Ghost’s ads for her line. I was also inspired by Lila Quander’s terrific pic in a Del May pose.

The Giselle special edition skin by Glam Affair is a 100% donation item at, you guessed it, Culture Shock. Seriously, I went to the Ashraya Project fair, but it’s mostly couture, and I am a slouch in both worlds. I did see one mesh dress I liked, but there was only one size in the demo pack and no alpha, making it impossible to tell if it would fit. That’s baaadd.

I went to Deetalez for the stockings because Ginevra Rodex looks so hot in them. And yes, I did straighten the seams. I hear they are just as troublesomely wandery in RL as they are in SLours.

Credits to creators
*YS&YS* Brera CS2012 (sock) (500L, 100% donation item at Culture Shock; ty Monyka!)
. Jack Spoon – Joicee – sky (only at Culture Shock)
[Echo] Form Mesh Pencil Skirt [Slim S].Black
-Glam Affair – Giselle – D Culture Shock (599L, 100% donation item at Culture Shock)
MONS / Shocking eyes – hazel (only at Culture Shock)
Clawtooth: Modern Gibson – Softest Black
:::Sn@tch Champagne Rings (gift at Culture Shock)
Deetalez, black nylon socks
pose 1: Del May, Nevermore (old Twisted Hunt gift)
pose 3: I forget…soz
location: Deetalez
GIMPed like Tom Cruise on [more?] speed.

What do you think?

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