Getting to hot

This morning, I was woken at 6AM by the elephant that lives upstairs. I got up, poured some chai, sliced myself too big a chunk of bread, left half of it on the counter, and decided to write up this post. Next thing I know I’m waking up at 8:05 AM. I think to myself that I must have dreamt waking earlier. But no, there is the piece of bread, staling, on the counter. The other hunk I found sitting untouched in a bowl next to my computer. I did indeed get up at 6AM and fix my breakfast, but I also apparently decided to go back to bed. And I have no memory of the decision or the action. (I also don’t remember what happened to the chai, but unlike the bread, it was gone when I woke the second time. I suspect myself of drinking it unbeknownst to myself. That’s one way of turning a blind eye to overeating.) I hope this morning’s lapse doesn’t reflect some doubt on my part about the value of these photos. I couldn’t bring myself to break up So Many Styles’ perversely hot combo of yellow and grey in this donation outfit from Culture Shock, so you’re seeing it as sold. There are two other a little less edgy but no less vibrant colour combos on offer. Last I heard, Culture Shock has already brought in over 100,000L for Doctors without Borders.

Portia wears one of the lovely mocha looks from the Sent to Destroy 12-pack of special fashion-show skins by Glam Affair. The pack includes an almost-identical skin without the henna makeup.

Credits to creators
{SMS} High Waist Pattern Skirt Yellow (S) [mesh] comes with {SMS} Plain Cami Dirt (270L, 50% donation outfit at Culture Shock)
Analog Dog, tangled black
-Glam Affair – Giselle – Sent to Destroy 6 (only at Culture Shock)
MONS / Shocking eyes – black (250L, 50% donation at Culture Shock; ty Ekilem Melodie!)
(TokiD) big spheres necklace (dream)
(TokiD) droopy spheres necklace (dream)
*YS&YS* Bone Bangles (old gift)
poses: marukin, muji pack
GIMP’s patience for erasing all the little black or white lines is wearing thin.

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