Indigo gal

Feast your eyes on the indigo-blue and white fabric in this Lucky Board yukata from Oryou. A second LB features a fan with striking male and female figures. I have a love-hate relationship with blue and white porcelain because I grew up around it. It’s from my childhood, so it makes me nostalgic, until I remember that my childhood wasn’t so great.

Every Sunday, Sopha Portal of My UglyDorothy releases a special version of one of her skins for only 100L. Still available for sale, most of them are kinda kooky. I really liked this classic look, with its pale red lips, winged liner and, a contemporary touch, undereye creases à la Jessica Stam. If you look closely, you’ll see a highlight across the brow bone. This is a nifty tintable enhancement from Stella Semaphore at Cheap Makeup. Visit the Tableau location for a 40% discount on everything until May 19.

Credits to creators
Oryou, Takegoori Kimono LB 2 [with geta not shown] (free!)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Skin of the Sunday7 (NEW)
Cheap Makeup- Eye Gloss [TINTABLE]
Lethe, Viewing Party Shoes (NSA4 hunt; there are four gifts at Lethe, so be sure that you get the right one)
IM-Poses, Leilani fan poses


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