Pointless but pretty

Today’s post was going to be about makeup, big 1960s hairdos and colourblock dresses. There were lots of crashes, and most of the photos I took between freezes were atom-bombed with huge swathes of white light instead of sprinkled with shadows. My attention wandered. I kinda started a new theme. But my model, Stones, pictured above, ended up with rubber arms, making me wonder if anything is worth doing. I mean, anatomy in SL is so frucked rup that it makes me want to abandon all human endeavours and return to the primordial ooze. The ooze is not what it used to be, of course, so I herewith present to you the non-fruits of my labour, the pointless post of pretty piccies. If you fancy Stones’ chapeau, you will have to hope that there is still one left at The Couturiers’ Docks, the new strictly limited edition event at Salimar. Do I have to say run?

Cheap Makeup is having a sale through May 19th. I am not a makeup person in any life, and thus have trouble choosing it, so I tend to hit the awesome CM gachas and hope I can live up to the random challenge of my prize. This Warhol’s Muse eye treatment is one of my fave gacha scores. I have also bought some of Stella Semaphore’s big eyebrows, which you probably noticed in the first pic on account of them being unusual. In this pic, Anorak shows off some Culture Shock donation goodies, including the colourblock mini dress from Sleeping Koala and the fab hairdo from Shag. Her ombre lipstick is new from Mons at Culture Shock.

Look one
Cheap Makeup- Strong eyebrows
Cheap Makeup- Zeitgeist Eye Makeup 1 (only at Culture Shock; ty Stella!))
::dUTCH tOUCH:: ::MenSje:: Extra Face Moles
Cheap Makeup-Glitter Nailpolish 4
.: vive9 :. Vlada – Base [ ivory ] Lipstick 6 (puregloss)
h.m.a.e.m. – freedom hat confetto (at The Couturiers Docks; ty Riri!)
TuTy’s – BALLERINA – Double buns hairstyle – Antracite (s)
::HH:: Hucci Poetic Romper M – Midnight [MESH, not standard sizing] (at Collabor88)
R.icielli – IRIS SKULL RING /PP black gems
Samsara – Aubade Bangles (Pink/L)
[glow] Studio Egyptian Night Bangle

Look two
[Sleeping Koala] – Bold Print Dress [White] (150L, 100% donation item at Culture Shock)
MONS / Makeups – lipgloss ombre candy (only at Culture Shock)
Cheap Makeup- Warhol’s Muse Eyeshadow baby blue (gacha)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Face mole01
.: vive9 :. Vlada – Base [ ivory ] Lipstick 5 (puregloss)
Cheap Makeup-Glitter Nailpolish 1
[Shag] – Cherie (roots) – afterglow (donation item at Culture Shock)

GIMP admits to redrawing the bottom of the colourblock pattern because the pose made it super wonky. Please check the vendor pic before buying because the dress won’t look dewonkied like this.

What do you think?

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