Fly and be free

There’s a new crop of goodies at The Gallery Gift Shop. If you want to be a bad fairy, you can pick up Ellora II in black by Evie’s Closet. Shortcake Sugarplum’s contribution for Lucky #7 is a set of individually primmed lashes, which you can see in the picture below. Another set is tipped with emeralds. There’s also an awesome set of curlicuey black and white lashes set out as a gift.

Sadly, Dekade skins is closing tomorrow, May 20th, at 12PM SLT. Happily, Kira Ahn’s skins are on sale until then. I poked around in the room of skins for the CheerNo Femme line and discovered Zuri, a gorgeous skin in multiple tanned and dark tones. I am very picky about dark-tone skins because many of them are too orange, too yellow or too black. Zuri is perfectly balanced and subtly textured. Each tone is 300L for a makeup-free face with two cleavage options. There’s also a pack of lipsticks for 150L. (If Portia looks red here, it’s because of the lighting. Check my Flickr account for an unedited pic.)

Credits to creators
Dekade Skins, ([CheerNo Femme] Skins)_Zuri 2_Ebony_Eb02_bald_base (on sale)
MONS / Makeups – eyeshadow smoke black
Cheap Makeup, Sparkly Shadow Silk #12
~Mynerva~GG Eyeliner, Shadow (old gg)
Lucky #7, Primmed Lashes (Individual Prims) (at TGGS; ty Shortcake!)
Evie’s Closet, Elora II Black (at TGGS; ty Evie!)
Zaara : Anjami Chandelier earrings *gold* (old hunt gift)
Vive9, Freja in Edge
poses: Glitterati, Water
Neva River sim
GIMPed for your pleisure


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