No Cinderella

I’ve been thinking about Harlow Heslop’s Pay it Forward project. It reminded me of the days when I was randomly TPing into sex clubs. (Like you weren’t!) At one virtually empty club, I was greeted by three women dressed to the nines in evening wear and waiting, I presumed, for the arrival of menfolk. I mentioned feeling underdressed, and the next thing I knew I was being bombarded by gowns and shoes. I was newbier than all get out. I knew about freebies but not about transfers. I couldn’t even get the shoes they sent me to fit my feet. (Or so I thought. This was before I realized that freebie shoes resemble Lego constructions.) I was doubly speechless because everything they so very generously sent me made me look like a beauty queen. I came into the place dressed as a goth and left it by way of a TP to Laqroki, where the ladies explained that a free skin would fix what was wrong with me. They meant so well, but they were crazily cramping my style, and I was getting impatient with trying on boxy taffeta ballgowns. So when I crashed, which, in the early days, I thought everyone did all the time, I didn’t return. When I did relog the next day, I found an IM from one of the women telling me it was very rude to log off after all they had done for me. Sigh. I should have IMed to say sorry, but I didn’t know I could talk to people outside of local chat! (For a while, this episode made me wary of sex-club regulars, but I never again encountered anyone who was more interested in my wardrobe than in my [CENSORED].) I felt bad for being ignorant. But I felt worse because one of the ladies had sent me a shoe I liked, but only the left one. I never did find the mate.

Here, Portia dresses to my taste in a mix of cute new items from LPD and AMD. The mesh sweater and undershirt are part of Nevery Lorakeet’s Kaly outfit, which comes with a darling striped mesh skirt that matches the shirt and a matching neckerchief. Kaly is available in washed-out shades of black, red and blue. The mesh maxi skirt is from AMD, and it comes with a matching camisole, also made of mesh. I had to do some creative alpha layering to get this outfit to work, so those of you who still wear Lego-like shoes should not try to recreate this look at home. Speaking of, I discovered that the fatpack of Redgrave’s Audrey2 shoe is currently on sale. A HUD lets you mix and match the basic colours: black, red, beige, brown and shell pink. Currently available at The Gallery Gift Shop, DDD’s hilarious melting bracelets are a perfect gift for anyone you know who likes to set giant fires.

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Kaly* Dress Black Blouse – Size XS (MESH) (NEW; ty Nevery!)
AMD, Day Time Maxi Skirt – Charcoal *S* (MESH) (NEW; ty Apple May!)
DDD_Milkcrown bracelet_Metal (at TGGS; ty Tuki Loon!))
Audrey2 – PlateauHeels {Fatpack} *REDGRAVE* (on sale when I bought them)
.:MANNA:. Gouache Necklace Red
tram A817 hair / maroon (size40)
-Glam Affair – Giselle – Sent to Destroy 9 (at Culture Shock)
poses: LAP, from the Female Blogger pack and from the Stances 2 pack (50% off sale till June closing)
location: Mayfair
jolly GIMPed


One thought on “No Cinderella

  1. I love your story. I remember when I was new in SL I was also bombarded in a similar fashion with people passing me things…my reaction was “OH MY GOSH STUFF!” haha. Funny how times and things change in SL :) Thanks for the mention! <3

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