Moods of Moana

Don’t mess with Moana. Available now at the Skin Addiction Showcase, Moana is Inka Mexicola’s latest release for essences. Moana is available in five skin tones, including a lovely Rosy Pale, worn by Anorak in the photo below, and a pale Pale, which Anorak sports in pic three. Native, worn here by Portia, is the darkest, most dramatic tone. Inka Mexicola’s note-perfect tones remind me of the sophisticated tones Iki Ikarus creates for Dutch Touch. [UPDATED] Moana comes with two freckle tats, a beauty mark, two blush options and several eyelash tattoos. A cleavage enhancer is sold separately. Also sold separately are a rainbow of bold, bright eyeliners and a pack of lipsticks, which includes some trendy ice-cream colours and blue and green. [UPDATED]

Moana loves you true. Odd lipstick colours frighten me so much that I had to finally try one. As green lips go, these are still very kissable. Moana’s natural lip colour, which varies with each skin tone, is actually extremely beautiful—as you will see in Portia’s portrait if you click it up—so one doesn’t need to add anything to turn heads. Unless you want those turns to be full 360s.

It’s off-centre because it’s art. Like this floral branding from AnnaA, which is 90L at Perfect Wardrobe. The pack offers a range of intensities, so the branding can be subtle or noticeable, depending on one’s mood. I love this mesh floral jacket from Amarelo Manga. (The belt can be edited for position and rotation, but not for size, so do try a demo.) And yes, if it were socially acceptable in RL to wear a jacket with nothing under it, I’d wear jackets. And lean over a lot.

Look one
{.essences.} Moana skin – Native (NEW; at Skin Showcase; ty Inka!)
{.essences.} Blush: nude
{.essences.} Freckles 01
{.essences.} mole
{.essences.} Moana Eyeshadow 02
{.essences.} Cleavage – NATIVE 1
/Wasabi Pills/ Lola summer Mesh Hair – Chocolate (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
ISON – v-cut jumpsuit -S- (black)
{ Magenta } Moeem Necklace
MONS / Shocking eyes – hazel

Look two
{.essences.} Moana skin – Rosy pale (NEW; at Skin Showcase; ty Inka!)
{.essences.} Blush: pink sherbet
{.essences.} Moana Lipstick 07
{.essences.} Moana Eyeshadow 06 and 05
[Amarelo Manga] – Blazer Fall [S] MESH (NEW; ty!)
{Violet Voltaire} Doll Face Cameo Necklace: Goth
MONS / Shocking eyes – ice

Look two medium shot
{.essences.} Moana skin – Pale (NEW; at Skin Showcase; ty Inka!)
{.essences.} Blush: pink sherbet
{.essences.} Moana Lipstick 02
{.essences.} Moana Eyeshadow 10
::[annaA]:: Branding “Nature – PW” (NEW; at Perfect Wardrobe; ty AnnaA!)

poses: Glitterati

GIMPage: I had to fix Portia’s chinline, but did not otherwise touch the skins. Please demo skins, though, since lighting varies.


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