Lounge like a lady

At 250L, this striking skin from Mons has to be one of the best buys at Skin Addiction’s Skin Showcase. Ekilem Melodie is also offering two caucasian skins, and all three can be had for 500L. This month’s Collabor88 is about to close, so if you want to lounge around in Cheeky Pea’s hammock, you should slouch over now. (I admit that I posed Anorak in the store display. I am homeless in SL, so I have not the land that the hammock doth require. Btw, I watched one and a half episodes of Game of Thrones and got the clap from the clichés. I don’t get it, people.) Anorak’s floral skirt is new from C’est La Vie at the Creactivevent. (Oh wow it’s way too early in the morning to be spelling that one, correctly or otherwise.) The skirt is very big, probably not standard sizing, so be sure to demo it before buying. I did a lot of work on this picture to make everything round and soft and fuzzy, so buyer beware. (I also enhanced Anorak’s bu*t crack. For which, you’re welcome.)

I wanted to show off this Finesmith necklace, a hunt gift for the VIP group. But Mr. and Mrs. Crash and the little Crashes came to visit, and this is the only pic I could salvage. Pouty face with a trace of grr aargh.

Credits to creators
MONS / Characteristic Look Series – Sun Skin (comes with breast enhancer) (at Skin Showcase)
(amper) gold leaf : brown lashes (old hunt gift)
second pic only: essences, Moana Lipstick one (at Skin Showcase)
The Sea Hole – Daydream Blouse -Mint Julep (at Collabor88 till the 6th of June)
::C’est la vie !:: summer long skirt(flower moca)-XS (at Creactivevent)
/Wasabi Pills/ Anais Mesh Hair – Night shadow (at ZombiePopcorn Brand store)
FINESMITH drop of chocolate (VIP group hunt gift; 365L join fee)
LaGyo, Shield Rings
Cheeky Pea, Hammock (at Collabor88 till the 6th of June)
pic two pose: Adorkable Poses, [I forgetted the name] (at Collabor88 till the 6th of June)
locations: Collabor88; Alirium
GIMPed as all get out

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