Have you gone mad?!

A lot of bloggers were counting down the days to a new session of Collabor88. We were rewarded for our fashion DTs with a riot of irresistible dresses, among them a whole set of boldly coloured Ellsworth Kelly inspired shift dresses by Schadenfreude. As usual, Collabor88 gives you what you need to put an outfit together in one stop, but I wanted to see if I could style the looks with accessories I already own. (My 24,000-item inventory needs to start doing more than slow my av down.) Even though I knew I wasn’t going to wear it all at once, I bought everything in sight. The wares are not only colour-matched but high quality and insanely affordable. No wonder we were all jonesing for a fix.

For big 1960s hair, Exile is ideal. I apologize for styling Portia with items that you can no longer purchase at Priss, a store that I will miss. I have only ever specially requested to be a blogger for four or five labels, and Priss was among them. I hope that Erin Winterwolf will be back with a new project.

One of the inspirations for the new Collabor88 is Mad Men. In my opinion, the clothes at Collabor88 are better than the show itself. The latest season has been pretty damn annoying. Plot devices like Harry’s encounter with the Hare Krishna sect and Roger’s experience with acid seem to be nothing other than tests of the show’s ability to insulate itself against historical phenomena by portraying them as fads. They certainly don’t manage to make the ad men look more out of step, since they’ve been typed as uncool from the outset. (Remember Don’s illustrator friend, who lived in the Village?) In the wake of Peggy’s departure, we have only Megan’s anger to challenge the implacable Don. And their confrontations have at least twice ended by implying that they like their sex nonconsensual. One of the best episodes of the series forced Peggy and Don into an extended confrontation that beautifully detailed all the problems of their working relationship while also conveying their (grudging) respect for one another. Recent plot turns, including Layne Price’s suicide, have been flat-out appalling. The show has always reveled in the sexism it’s ostensibly confronting, but the partnership-for-prostitution scenario is risible. I have been taking solace all season in the wardrobes of Megan and Roger’s now-ex-wife Jane. I confess that the highlight for me so far is Roger Sterling’s acid trip. The only thing I like about Roger is John Slattery’s underplaying, and his non-plused behaviour at the beginning of the trip was perfect deadpan comedy.

Credits to creators
Look one
Schadenfreude Judd Color Field Dress (s) MESH (NEW at Collabor88)
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Daydream (erm, last month’s Collabor88 perhaps)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Freckles01_Darker
::dUTCH tOUCH:: ::MenSje:: Extra Face Moles
::Exile:: Late at NIght:Sear
PRIMALOT, Nuclear Motion set (bracelets and small earrings)
Indy&Co.: Seven Earrings: Goldoxide (large earrings)
PRISS, OversizeCoinPurse.01 (store closed)
PRISS, White Sunnies (store closed)
R.icielli – SOPHIA pumps /#printed springset (old TDR)

Look two
Schadenfreude Downing Color Field Dress (s) MESH (NEW at Collabor88)
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Cocoa – Shindig (NEW at Collabor88)
::Exile:: Rivers Run:Raven
(TokiD)colour flats (basics)
*YS&YS* ChicBirthday Bangles (gift at Chic birthday event)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Tropfen – Earring Pearl
Fleshtone :: Lana Leather Tote [Blue] [Forearm]

phone poses: Olive Juice (not available until creator puts them on Marketplace)
other poses: PDA
I GIMP therefore I am


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