Geek or chic?

I got restless. I tried an experiment. I imagined how good it would feel to wear Bela Tolsen’s fluid silk pajama pants under a fitted dress by Maya Levane and Irie Campese. I was aiming for chic, but as I snapped photos, I started to feel geek. I recalled going to grade school with two miserable sisters who were not allowed to wear dresses unless they also wore pants. (Yes, the memory of the danishes is unlocking more of my childhood. Could you be more thrilled?) If the dress was sleeveless, it would be layered over a turtleneck. This was the 70s, so the turtlenecks would have been stifling acrylic; and the pants were fashioned from a thick, slightly dimpley polyester that was quite possibly bullet-proof. The girls were the children of Greek immigrants in a WASP school. Although they spoke English, they rarely said anything. As a kid, I thought they were terribly embarrassed by their outfits, but they could very well have been embarrassed for the rest of us, who were running around in suedette mini-skirts. Sigh. Sniff. I’d like you to go shop, please, while I take a moment to weep over the loss of my handmade butterscotch cord shift dress decorated with a dark blue silhouette of a kitty. Or fetch me a danish. I can’t quite remember whether the kitty had googly eyes.

My bunny’s bigger than your bunny.

Credits to creators
(T&S) Mayrie Summer Dress S (grass/orange) (NEW; available at Tokidoki and SMS) (ty Maya!)
*TuttiFrutti* Breathe Mesh Pants – XS (ty Bela!)
:::Sn@tch Cropped Lace Top (Red):::
*YS&YS* Bone Bangles (old gift)
N-core ULTRAPLATFORM “Bordeaux”
.: vive nine :. Wang in 56th Marion (my fave Vive9 hair)
[Ill] Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Scarlett (former TDRB or Collabor88)
{.essences.} Elena Eyeliner 01
HPMD* SleepyRabbit white M — with Cuddle AO —
first two poses: Juxtapose, Urbz pack
GIMP spent most of the night licking his balls. Be advised that it is not physically possible to combine these two mesh items in these sizes without the trousers flashing when the av moves. (I traffic in illusions.)


2 thoughts on “Geek or chic?

  1. Hi there! I love the way you used the lace top as a layering/foundation piece – so much that I decided to see if I could find the tops in sn@tch for myself. I’ve looked all over and can’t find them, though! The store is so huge…. I don’t suppose you remember the general vicinity of where they were located? i.e. new releases, basement, or just the regular old “tops” section. I would really appreciate it!

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