Hanging on the telephone

The ZombiePopcorn Carnival starts tomorrow at the top secret undisclosed on pain of death location. If you are very very good to yourself, and don’t need lettuce, you will snap up at least one of Lilo Glom’s super-cool super-pale Pierrette skins, which will be available only at the Carnival, and only until June 30. There are a variety of makeups ranging from gothy to clowny to straight-up whiskered. As goddess intended. [UPDATE: Turns out I hallucinated the whiskers. Maybe I should look into this thing that people keep telling me about. It’s called “sleep.”]

I didn’t see why a gal this ghastly looking couldn’t go urban. Note the insanely cute Sumire shoes by Maya Levane for Tokidoki. You are going to have a very hard time choosing which colour to buy, so bring a friend along to the shop. Note also the expensive Maitreya jeans, which I should not have bought, because now I have no money for the green leafy vegetables I was going to start eating. What can I say? I like jeans that give good butt more than I like lettuce. (The expense didn’t stop me from marching out to buy the “edgy” lime-green undies I was RL afraid to buy a few weeks ago. That’s right: pink and green stripes on white, from Macy’s…they couldn’t be more terrifying.)

I saw the film Elles last night. Ignore reviewers who claim it is marred by “old-fashioned feminism.” Those reviewers have no idea how extreme feminism used to be. If they’d experienced it first-hand, they might now be actual human beings capable of empathizing with the mature female lead, a married journalist writing about call girls, played beautifully by Juliette Binoche. The film is not that challenging. It just asks viewers to wrap their brains—small and inelastic as they may be—around the lead’s conflicted responses to exploitative sex. What does one do when it’s the exploitation, not the sex, that turns on both the men and the younger, freer, “sexier,” women who screw them for money? The priceless dinner party scene provides some answers. (None of which involves a Roman orgy, hélas.)

Credits to creators
*JeSyLiLO*::OlegDouPierrot:::*GoStTon*J1 (comes with *JeSyLiLO*:::CandyEyes:::*Grey) (NEW; ty Lilo!)
(TokiD) sumire flats (nature) (NEW; ty Maya!)
Maitreya Flare Jeans (for flats) * XS #6 (NEW; ty me!)
MONS / Hair – Ella (black)-mech (at TDR Blue or TDR)
Pig – Madras Bra (comes with shorts)
:::Sn@tch Have Knot Tee (Aqua-S):::
(Milk Motion) suede clutch (former TDR item)
(Yummy) Classic Literature Necklace (former Collabor88)
:FANATIK: My bad girl ring Copper
dl:: Belly Bandaid tattoo (hehe, I dunno why I love this so much)
poses: Label Motion, My mobile phone (free if you sign up for new subo at new store)
place: Virtual Decay
Not hardly GIMPed, for the most part; that last pic got Pixlred


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