Purple Moon in June

If you were celebrating your third anniversary as one of Second Life’s most popular creators, you too would look this satisfied. To mark Poulet Koenkamp’s anniversary, Purple Moon will feature varying depths of discounts rotating regularly through the month of June. The gown that costs 300L today could be 100L tomorrow but revert to full price the next day. The Ninde gown Portia wears here is the current VIP group gift, and the group is only 50L to join.

Fifty Linden Friday is back, and I couldn’t be more grateful. I managed to get Glitterati’s item, the pose prop Blind, to work fine just by following Katey Coppola’s instructions. And then by using a browser which would actually give me shadows. (Firestorm, see my shaking fist!) The poses are as striking as the set-up. This one, for instance, features the international sign for “Don’t add any more diamond jewellery to my ensemble!” This pic approximates the way the set should be lit. [UPDATE: No, it doesn’t. I forgot that I GIMPed this darker, and that I am a Windlight moron. Go look at other bloggers’ pics.] To get the post-orgasmic glow in the first photo, I used a Windlight setting that is too bright.

The next round at The Gallery Gift Shop is about to begin. I am proud to say that Shortcake Sugarplum asked me to show some of my blog photos on the gallery walls. (Clearly, she was at her wit’s end, but you don’t need to know that. Oops.) I do love shooting at TGGS. For some reason, Portia is always dressed like someone out of a Douglas Sirk film when I drop by to see the new stuffs. I think it’s because the gallery feels a little bit like an International Modernist building, and I like the idea that buildings stopped looking frou frou long before ladies did. Purple Moon has a wonderful selection of vintage-look dresses and gowns, mostly representing the 1950s. The Luccy dress is no longer available in petrol blue, but you can choose from about ten other equally elegant colours. (Do note that I wore both copies of the skirt, because I’m an idiot. It won’t look as muddly on your av.)

Not for sale at TGGS, these chairs by 19MC are nevertheless a big attraction. If you’re demented.

Credits to creators
Look one
:: PM :: Ninde Gown in Light Blue (VIP gg; 50L fee to join)
Lara Hurley-Liz /pale (former Culture Shock item)
“tSg” Lip Laquer pink (subo gift)
[V] Vignette, Grable White Chocolate
*REDGRAVE* Audrey2 – PlateauHeels
Yummy, Diamond Spray Earring
FINESMITH – Massive Diamonds ring (VIP group hunt gift; 365L to join)
Glitterati, Blind pose set

Look two
:: PM :: Luccy Dress in Petrol Blue
Lara Hurley-Liz /pale (former Culture Shock item)
[ glow ] studio – Pin up eyeliner
“tSg” Lip Laquer WOAH (subo gift)
[V] Vignette, Grable Burnt Orange
inZane, Kendra lingerie stockings
standing pose: augh, I forget
chair with pose by 19MC Armchair

GIMP worked overtime on most of these pics.

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