Wild and crazy periwinkle

I’m quite certain that the DSMIV would list this double-periwinkled look as a sign of borderline personality disorder. But I couldn’t bring myself to give up either the Mariko skin or the Vive9 dress, each of which is gorgeous and freakishly affordable at 50L and 88L, respectively. Anorak’s Mons earrings and Vive9 hair are sale items. Vive9 is going to retire all of its current hairdos at the end of July, and until then each colour pack is only 100L. I went right back to the beginning of the retiring line and picked up Freja, which calls out to be touched and mussed. I know it’s always disappointing when a key accessory in a cheapo look turns out to be very expensive. That’s why I am happy to tell you that Anorak’s +9 watermelon is a freebie. Oh, and that set of dramatic jewels is the Depraved Summer Hunt gift from Chop Zuey.

I keep having to reinstall the new viewer on my Mac. (The current version just stops opening after a while.) It was well worth it this last time, however, because I finally got depth of field working properly. That’s right. Those blurs are all natural! I also used a layer for the very first time, to make Anorak’s eyes pop. (Be proud if not impressed. Ty.) Despite being a technical wonder, this photo stiffed on Flickr. I’m blaming the periwinkle-on-perwinkle action.

Credits to creators
.:vive nine:. Mischa Cutout Maxi in Vintage Blue [partial mesh skirt, no demo] (at Collabor88)
.: vive9 :. Freja in Butter (on sale for 100L a pack)
BAMBI_H (50L at Cafeb4 as part of Korean Horror event)
M O N S / Feather Earring Green (100L in sale room)
Chop Zuey, The Blood of Babylon set (DSH gift)
+9, watermelon carry on hand (part of Summer 2011 gift. Still available: look on the floor)
pose one: Glitterati
pose two: Artilleri picnic set
location: Lula


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