Lingerie for lunch

I’d been wanting to do some lingerie photos but couldn’t think of a way to take them out of the usual boudoir setting. I admit that I briefly considered sending Portia back to Insilico for another roller-skating romp. Then I saw flowey’s tantalizingly named Self Picnic Table on the feeds. Who doesn’t imagine her av as a feast on a beautiful summer day? How couldn’t Zaara’s Chanchal lingerie in Sorbet attract ants? (Sometimes themes go astray. Nix the ants.) If you’re a bargain hunter, you’ll want to check out Je Suis, which is holding a 50% off everything anniversary sale. I picked up the bazillion colour-change Voyante earrings and rings. (There’s also a short necklace. And some new long ones that are not colour change.) I admit that I wasn’t able to get the menu to change the colour of only one piece at a time, but I wasn’t trying very hard. I will do more research.

Yes, well, I got silly after shooting Anorak on the picnic table in every possible light and not liking the results. This pic captures the softness and potential for movement of Chocolate Atelier’s Ruby set, which you will find in blue and in pink at The Gallery Gift Shop. Alien invasion not included. (I didn’t get a good pic of Anorak wearing the headdress that comes with the lingerie, so you should check out Hibari Foden’s sexy shot of Ruby in white, which is available at Sounds Gravis Beach.)

Riri Ninni released three new sets of delicate necklaces and earrings for h.m.a.e.m. Anorak is wearing Teodosia, which features gold links with a small cross pendant and small blue gems. I almost feel like I should whisper around these jewels so I don’t shake them apart. They really are tiny wonders.

Credits to creators
Look one
Zaara : 5 Chanchal *sorbet*
::DT:: ::MeNsJe:: Spec.Ed. PALE- MU CLB EBBrown FR
MONS / Makeups – lipgloss ombre red
booN YNO421 hair chocolate [Windlight killed the nice wispies]
booN gathered raised hairbase black
je suis…voyante *plain* earclips
je suis…voyante rings *plain*

Look two
chocolate atelier, Ruby “Blue” (at TGGS; ty Yukachoco!)
al vulo- baba2 * natural reddish beauty (group gift)
“”D!va”” Hair “Vivienne” (Type A)(Topaz) (former Collabor88)
h.m.a.e.m.– Teodosia earings (NEW; ty Riri!)
h.m.a.e.m.- Teodosia necklace (NEW; ty Riri!)
[whatever] high heel -blush [MESH] (group gift, fee to join)

pose prop: flowey, Self Picnic Table (at Fluid event)
location: Blue Galaxy sandbox
These photos were GIMPed.


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