It’s too darn hot

The heat has been brutal this week, so I have been wearing as close to nothing as a matronly-but-cool professor can get. This means going braless, in defiance of the only industry as powerful in North America as big oil. And letting Portia do the same. Neither of us can stand the feeling of the sweat building up under the band; and it’s still publicly unacceptable to just reach in and wipe it away with the back of one’s hand. Some summers, especially NYC summers, I’ve sweat so much that I ended up with salt stains on my thin black bras. They look just like the ones you see on boots in the winter. The big news today, aside from sweat, is the sale at Leverocci, where I bought these kinky-fabric shorts, the awesome rock-studded cuff and the shiny brogues. I ordered myself to not buy another pair of orange shoes. Five minutes later, myself bought them when I thought I wasn’t looking.

I can’t deny it. I like my accessories chunky. The bangles from Je Suis are colour-change, meaning that you can assign these three colours to whichever bracelet you choose. You can also change the colour of the metal on the Leverocci cuff.

I had no idea that DeLa was doing mesh hair. There are two cute boyish cuts. I bought the dip-dye pack of Rossi II because the combo of the pale blonde with soft pink or blue seemed right for summer. I also bought a long style, but didn’t consider using it for this outfit because I firmly—or rather, jigglingly—believe that one shouldn’t try to cover side-büb with a veil of hair. A light sheen of perspiration scented with Viktor and Rolf perfume should be enough.

Erasure does Cole Porter

Credits to creators
::{u.f.o}::indian summer vest(For SN) – M (10L at the Midnight’s Dream event) [please note that the alpha layer provided eliminates too much of the av’s body]
Leverocci – SS12 Shorts_S_Scarlett (SALE)
::C’est la vie !:: Straw Cluch(ribbon aqua blue)mesh (inexpensive! at Sounds Gravis Beach event)
Leverocci – Glossy Brogues_Coral (SALE)
Leverocci – Stone Encrusted Cuff_MarbleStone (SALE)
::je suis…grande::browns::bangles (SALE)
Adjunct – – Marrakesh Glasses – Silver
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Rossi II” Blonde Blue
.: vive9 :. Vlada – Base [ ivory ] Lipstick 3 (sweetpink)
[DC] Tattoos [ thou shall flock together]
poses: No Wow, C’est la vie
location: Cupcakes
lightly GIMPed


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