Stranger to paradise

I went on a wild goose chase to Beach Walk Cafe and was so impressed by the sim that I had to forego plans to shoot this outfit in an urban setting. (Pretend Portia carries her bikini in a clutch.) The sim is beautifully laid out and built. It feels like a perfect retreat, a place to waste time without worry. There aren’t many places in SL, or RL, that make me feel relaxed and safe, so kudos to the builders for capturing the feel of soft sun and scented air.

The Atomic skin (at TDR until Thursday) and DeLa hair make everyone who wears them look gorgeous. I had to adjust Portia’s head to fit the hair, which is rigged mesh, but it was worth it.

Credits to creators
[Atomic] Grace Skin (LB)_Buff – Daring (TDR Exclusive)
=DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Mango” Red 3 (NEW)
Leverocci – Tied Satin Blouse_Tucked_S_White (on sale)
(Milk Motion) My highwaist pants leaves (last 50L F)
(..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Melissa Line Rings Gold (at Stuff in Stock)
{mon tissu} Envelope Clutch / Blush
(TokiD) destiny loafers (grey) (were a TDR special)
pose one: dfo!
location: Beach Walk Cafe
I GIMPed, I crimped, I skimped, I blimped…and still my photos don’t look that much different from the unprocessed shots.


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