Pardon my privilege

You know it’s going to be a decadent evening when your outfit calls for a white turban and an ornate cigarette holder. /me blows smoke rings along Daniel Craig’s naked, wine-drizzled body while making eyes at the cute pool boy Portia wears Boho Girl in Black, new from Nevery Lorakeet for LpD. This sleek ensemble comes complete with the jacket and necklace. There are two versions of the top, one low-cut and one covered with a transparent modesty panel. You can also buy Boho Girl in beige or white. Portia’s dramatic eye-makeup is also from LpD. There are only 35 copies available at The Couturier’s Docks, where it’s being sold for half price. I perved that place earlier today. Do not go there in jeans! The creators are maveny mavens of mavenhood and may poke you with a tent-like shoulder-pad or slap you with a sleek clutch purse. I wish I’d got some autographs.

Portia’s skin is a divine dollarbie by Mother Goose’s for the Korean Summer Horror event. I have thus far resisted looking too closely at the scary faces etched into the lower lip. Eep!

Credits to creators
*LpD* – *Boho Girl* Black [the pants are mesh] (NEW; ty Nevery!)
.::Mother Goose’s::.Salome- (Summer Horror Special dollarbie)
*LpD* – Theatre Makeup (in pic one; at Couturier’s Docks)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Face mole01
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Face mole02
::dUTCH tOUCH:: ::MenSje:: Extra Face Moles
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing
MONS / Shocking eyes – cold
Yummy, Fabby Turban White (at Collabor88)
Addictia, METRO Sandals Silver
MONS Clamp Bracalet Silver
Quellazaire – Cig Bent (pack comes with unbent ones too)
[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle/metal white /A
poses: Glitterati, Formality
location: Bilo

It’s not the GIMP, it’s the humidity.


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