Got so close to classy

It wasn’t my idea for Portia to look this haute. Blame the new Helena skin from AnnaA, with its elegant pale pink lip. And the new Shalom clutch from Fleshtone, which is so slim that it must be on the Atkins diet. And the bi-coloured Cathy shoes from Redgrave, which give you dozens of possible combos for a mere 690L. Yes, Portia was looking like a bajillion bucks until my camera tilted accidentally…

…and, well, let’s just say that this angle puts a different spin on things. On account of it emphasizes the Kirin’s Poem necklace from Finesmith. Yes, that’s what you’re staring at. I got this version of the Kirin’s Poem set, which includes a headdress and ring, at the Ashraya Project event. Yula Finesmith has just released Kirin’s Poem in silver, with a range of gems to choose from, for a temporary price of 100L. Even more exciting, every individual item of jewellery in the shop is 100L until Ms. Finesmith closes temporarily and comes back with a whole new game plan. (That’s individual pieces. Sets are not discounted that deeply.)

After the slight setback of the ISON corset fail (or win, depending on how you feel about bübz), I was determined to work Harry Hyx’s uber-classy wrap skirt into an outfit that would say “mother of the bride.” Again, I pulled out a TDR item from Ricielli, the new salmon lace jacket, and chose booN’s flowerpot hair, which doubles as a matronly hat.

Alas, the statement necklace from [glow] studio leads all eyes astray.

Credits to creators
Look one
ISON – geometric corset -M- (mint) (last 50L Friday)
Ricielli Mesh – (XXS) Summer Minishorts //whitebirds (recent TDR)
::[annaA]:: Skin “Helena (02)” ~ SYSP (THIS IS WRONG comes with a cute shape I WAS WRONG) (NEW and only 99L at Structure Your Skin; ty Anna!)
Fleshtone :: Shalom Clutch [Onyx] (NEW; ty Gisele and StevenZ.!)
booN YNO421 hair chocolate
booN gathered raised hairbase chocolate
REDGRAVE- Shoes Cathy – 12colors /
FINESMITH – Kirin’s poem brown- RING (not available in this setting, but in silver)
FINESMITH – Kirin’s poem necklace brown (not available in this setting, but in silver)
poses: Glitterati, Formality set

Look two
ISON – wrap skirt -XS- (champagne) [I die. Srsly.] (last 50L Friday)
ricielli Blazer laced salmon MESH (current TDR)
*League* Seashell Blouse -Old Lavender
[ glow ] studio Pratis Earrings and Necklace (gold) (recent TDR)
al vulo- yulia * dream of midnight GSP (past GSP)
L.Fauna Lashes [Fluffy]
booN TLP543 hair chestnut
[whatever] high heel -blush – [beige sole] (group gift; fee to join)
poses: Glitterati, Formality set


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