You gotta yukata?

There are at least five Lucky Boards stocked with brand-new kimonos and yukatas for the Bakumatsu Kimono Festival, which runs until the end of July. This mosaic yukata from Naminoke caught my eye, so I was thrilled to win it. Taiko McCaw’s new offerings are among the best I saw at the festival. Some creators are working with mesh. I have to admit that I was disappointed by two of the three demos I tried. The kimonos just look too rudimentary when fashioned out of one piece of mesh. One caveat about the Naminoke yukata is that it is short as well as small and has no resize menu, so I had to scale Portia down to fit her into it. Portia’s hairpiece and bag are a gift from Nonko Romankan at the festival.

Vintage McMillan of Epoque announced a sale on hair until Hair Fair begins at the end of the month. I bombed right over there to scoop up the reds pack of Brunch Queen. I really like these bangs (even though this damn lighting eats them up at the tips). The reds are very sophisticated variations on the typical palette. No one is gonna call you “ginger” in these ‘dos.

I owe a big thank you to Cajsa Lilliehook and Gidge Uriza of It’s Only Fashion for their booth at SL9B, where I learned just how mirrory SL water could be.

Credits to creators
Naminoke, *N*MOSAIC_ LB (LB at Bakumatsu Kimono event)
(epoque hair) Brunch Queen – Heat (on sale)
NONKO konpeitou bag and hair pin (gift at Bakumatsu Kimono event)
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -2012 June Groupgift skin (fee to join, I think)
^^ Swallow^^ Earring (wisteria) (gg in store, also a necklace in black)
*YS&YS* ChicBirthday Bangles (old gift)
poses: dfo!
location: Bakumatsu
GIMP was at the vet’s. Pardon our pesky lines.


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