Extra frutti

Bela Tolsen of TuttiFrutti wants to mesh you up! In today’s pics I’m showing you two of her sexy halter tops in sophisticated fabrics as well as a pair of adorable bermuda shorts. These come in yellow, a very dark denim and the colour shown here, which is called Pearl. There’s also a lustrous pale grey-blue called Egret. You can also purchase the pants in a full-length version, for those cooler days when temperatures in the midwestern USA drop to 90 degrees. All the TuttiFrutti items use standard sizing. Portia’s fade shirt-dress is by Eclair, and it comes in a variety of colours at Fifty-five Linden Fridays. There’s no demo, and my av needed a larger size than usual, so if you are a voluptuous lady you should pass on this one.

I took a flyer on a group gift skin from Panda Punx, a line I’ve never heard of before. I really like the contrast between the dark eyes and the peachy mouth. There are two hairdos available this month for Action Hair VIP group members because the creator was not able to set one out during June. Each pack contains a black, blonde, brown and red shade. This ‘do features colour-change feathers. There is a join fee for the group.

Also a group gift, this JeSyLiLO skin is so flattering I almost plotzed when I saw it on Portia. (There’s a join fee for this group too, but how often does skin make you nearly plotz?) The Becky hairdo is a one-year-anniversary gift for Truth District VIP group members. If you didn’t manage to join the group before July 1st when this week’s sales event began, it will cost you 300L to do so. Otherwise you cannot even get into the sim.

Credits to creators
Shorts look
*TuttiFrutti* Miranda – Mesh Halter Top [XS] (NEW; ty Bela!)
*TuttiFrutti* Carrie Mesh Bermuda Shorts Pearl [XS] (NEW; ty Bela!)
Panda Punx, Reena Skin (gg in store)
Action Hair, Sandra Bleached (July gg; fee to join)
BWC Club, Wedge Sandal (gg in hotel)
Finesmith, Chakra belly ring (old gift)
Purple Moon, Ana Square Bangles Multicolor

Dress look
*TuttiFrutti* Colette – Mesh Halter Top [XS] (NEW; ty Bela!)
.:Eclair:. Kira Denim Dress-skirt(Sunny)(M-size)
Fleshtone :: Azealia Mini-Bag L [White] (NEW; ty StevenZ. and Gisele!)
*JeSyLiLO*:::GroupGiftSkin:::*Summer (gg, fee to join)
>TRUTH< Becky – marmalade (gg, fee to join)
je suis…voyante *plain* earclips
::Duh!:: White Canvas Slip Ons

poses: marukin, muji pack
chaise: Art Dummy
GIMPed with love


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