Tonight we brood

There’s one big advantage to being the last person to blog the latest goodies from Collabor88. Since you’ve seen the clothes, I can go for mood instead of demonstration. That means Portia gets to break into someone else’s home and smoke a cigarette while watching the rain fall into the koi pond. She didn’t actually break in, since this appears to be a demo home for NODE on the Slow sim. In addition to the light rain that falls over this pond, there’s a big black cloud with torrents of rain that circles over the sim, raining into the entire house. It makes me laugh with joy. It’s so silly and simple and thus perfect.

You know when you get your av all dressed up in a sexy outfit with the right hair and skin and suddenly you wanna do her? I’m pretty sure that this outfit by Drinkenstein Sorbet for The Sea Hole is designed to drive folks wild with desire. It’s got that sexy abbreviated transparent blouse thing happening, but then it undercuts it with these leather pants that look impregnable. The squids on the lower legs are total phallic symbols: can’t you just see some dude wanting to get to the erm sea cave before these creatures do? Even sexier, these two pieces, and the jewellery set, which I didn’t buy, are each 88L at Collabor88. I do say “Grr” when Collabor88 items are 188L, so thank you Ms. Sorbet for making my av look hot for less.

Sigh. I bet Lana del Ray never has to deal with laundry day.

Credits to creators
The Sea Hole – Seafarer’s Cardi – Blushy (NEW at Collabor88)
The Sea Hole – (MESH) Squid Row Jeans , Blushy – S [these are big for a small, so be sure to try a demo] (NEW at Collabor88)
(Chemistry) Hair – Vines – Reds – Garnet (NEW)
-Glam Affair – Giselle – Light Kajira Red (at TDR ending this week)
(AMD) Ultimate Lashes – Double Wing
:: PM :: Noble Ring in Walnut – (JF2011 Gift)
Biensen+MaiTai – Dreaming Klimt – Necklace
Balkanik2.0, Standard Espadrillias Brown (ginormous gg at the club)
location: NODE at Slow
poses: Olive Juice and Marukin
GIMPed but not pimped


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