Digits revolution

I had a blast doing the digits challenge last year, so I’m happy to participate again with a pic, stats, and answers to some of Strawberry Singh’s questions. For the stats, I listed this year’s numbers followed by last year’s. I love the high-resolution textures of mesh. Unfortunately, the fact that so many creators use the same templates, many of which are unflattering, has decreased my interest in SL fashion overall. I am a little more willing to pay extra for mesh items that are exclusives, but I don’t like it one bit. Mesh has made Portia self-conscious about her size in a way that reminds me too much of RL. She gets cranky if she needs a M in something instead of an XS. Either standard sizing actually varies or some creators make bad alphas. I say this because just this past week I encountered two pairs of pants with gaping holes below the waistband, holes that could have been filled quite nicely with Portia’s shapely butt cheeks. What bothers me most about mesh is the number of avs running around in dresses that are supposed to be tight but look like airplane hangars on too-skinny bodies. The version of Portia I’m showing here was created to fit into a tight dress that was scaled weirdly. She needed less butt and bübs and more body fat. She also needed much longer legs and arms because the butt was slung very low in the dress. I actually have several different versions of my av’s shape so that I can change height and breasts to suit any outfit. Thus, changing her for mesh is not a big deal. Unless I’m tired and lazy. What are the chances?

Aw, Portia 2011 was such a shy little thing.

Credits to creators
the Bishes Inc. Angel Lilac Lingerie
[PM] Fae Wedge [C] – Pink White Plaid (old subo gift)
-Glam Affair- Roza – Natural 02 Red (current Collabor88)
(Chemistry) Hair – Vines – Reds – Copper
the Ice Cream is a Love Soul gacha; it was labeled wrong, so don’t throw out your doubles!
pose by Estetica
GIMPed and proud (look, Mom, I made something transparent!)


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