Giving for good

I finally found out where this week’s Relay For Life donation outfits are on sale. When I was growing up, I thought of cancer as something that might or might not run in one’s family. I had no idea that by the time I was in my 40s, I’d see eight of my friends and colleagues, all women, afflicted with breast cancer and lymphoma. (Keep in mind that that’s a low number because I am a hermit.) The fundraiser ends tomorrow or Sunday (it’s not clear to me) so TP over now if you want to pick up this ensemble from Faster Pussycat. It includes a big white rose hairpiece that Portia couldn’t carry off this early in the morning.

The One Voice fundraiser to cover Curio creator Gala Phoenix’s legal costs in a Canadian lawsuit brought by Hush Darkrose of Hush skins has been extended to July 22. I am very glad that the SL fashion community has taken a stand by backing Gala Phoenix, since I didn’t know enough to make a judgment call I could trust. As a Canadian living in the USA, I have come to abhor the abuse of legal action, and I am saddened to see that Canada may be no different from the States. Lawsuits ruin lives, just as surely as cancer does. In this post, Portia wears a donation skin from Glam Affair and donation shoes from N-Core.

Credits to creators

Faster Pussycat, NOMAD (Relay For Life donation outfit, see article for LM)
-Glam Affair- Roza – Natural OneVoice BL (One Voice donation item, see article for link)
*League* BronzeLeaf Forehead (Tattoo)
N-Core, Triumph “One Voice” Edition (Graphite) (One Voice donation item, see article for link)
booN FTN683 hair gold
R.icielli – IRIS SKULL RING /GOLD goldgems
pose: ABS, Coffee set
location: Where It Begins
GIMPed ever so slightly


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