Somewhat silly chic

We’ve all done it. Gone on vacation and made unwise choices in food or drink. Anorak just had to have a choco-banana from some vendor recommended by Drinkenstein Sorbet. Next thing you know, she’s stomping around and shouting “Olé” because she’s obsessed with Señor Banana’s little sombrero. At least she looks stylish in her Sunflower skirt, a new mesh release from Apple May Designs. The skirt also comes in Blueberry and Pink Lemonade colours. Anorak’s beach-bum t-shirt is from Doppelganger, which is closing this Sunday, July 15th. Until then everything is 50L.

Anorak’s lovely skin is Bee, the latest release from My UglyDorothy. Anorak wears the Burly shade, which is the middle tone of the three available. Bee is a cutie-pie with glistening lips in candy colours. Concrete Flowers is going to close temporarily so that the creators can focus on Kosh. Apparently, Concrete Flowers merchandise will be available on Marketplace. Until the end of July, everything in the store is 25L. I had to have Nan’s Pincushion Rings (a pack of three) and the unisex Paper-Clip Necklace and Bracelet. Instead of wearing the necklace, Anorak is wearing one of my oldest and most treasured sets of necklace and earrings, the tiny Pearlescence in Pink and Gold from Sanu. You’ll need to blow this pic up to see how small they are.

Credits to creators
Doppelganger Inc. – Sunset Beach Shirt- Pink (50L, closes July 15)
AMD, Sunflower Mesh Skirt (S) – Lilac (NEW; ty Apple May!)
Dura-Boys&Girls 17(Black)
creator Ju Weissnicht, MIlady Pumps – blush (These are wicked cool. Pack of three pale tones for One Voice fundraiser item)
CONCRETE FLOWERS – Paper Clip Bracelet (25L)
*Sanu Pearlescence Pink/gold Drop Necklace
*Sanu Pearlescence Pink/gold Earrings
creator Cark Milos, Choco-Banana
poses: ABS, Coffee set; Bent, Creative Portrait Poses (One Voice fundraiser item)
location: Yumix Land
GIMPed like powder on a baby’s bottom


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