Cancel the mischief

If your av is wearing a slinky dress from Ingenue, she only needs one accessory to round out the glamour. Portia started with a wand and hopped the train to Hogwarts. Which has very dirty windows! She was, unfortunately, ejected from the sim because she is just so ejectable. Everyone says so! Thus her dreams of teaching young wizards to dress better were dashed.

Some wandering occurred, and Portia traded in her wand for Osakki’s suede clutch. I shot these photos at a mystery store on the Tarakaduka sim before I realized that, once again, my unconscious had driven me to juxtapose vintage couture with “modern” art. At least this time there’s a pig to liven things up. (You know you’re a crazed blogger when you GIMP the neck and shoulders of the pig in the background.)

Glam Affair is holding a half-off sale on all its skins. No word when it will end, but as of this writing, it’s still on, and Portia is hanging around the Leah display like a lovestruck tween. I’m sad to see Dark Mouse close. Here’s a parting shot of Mouse M.’s Avidita Necklace.

Credits to creators
Ingenue :: Ava Fuschia (partial mesh, so there’s no need to slim down your av’s caboose!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Princess Mesh Hair – Cinnamon (ty Ms. Lemon!)
-Glam Affair- Leah Light – 12 Red (currently on sale)
Osakki // Rio Carry All Clutch / Lipstick
[e] Move Pumps – Navy
*BOOM* The Custom Wand (may not be available)
Dark Mouse, Avidita Necklace (store closed)
art: NFart
poses: dfo! New Girl and Gala Tribute packs
locations: Mischief Managed and Tarakaduka sim



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