Dying from the heat

Yesterday, I nearly fainted in both lives. When I got into Hair Fair on my first try. And when I walked ten blocks at 4PM in the insufferably hot weather that’s returned to the midwest. At least Anorak looks haute as she expires on the beach without breaking the bank: she’s got free nails, dollarbie hair and 10L skin. And one of those strange looks that the wise emote HUD creator thought we might need.

I’ve long admired Eve Kazan’s nails for Mad. Usually, nails in SL make me lose what’s left of my patience. But I simply had to have this set created for the Makeup & Tattoo Hunt. That’s an EKG pattern you see there. It looks like Anorak is going to live.

Credizzles (as Leona J. would say)
Blah. (My Macrame’ Suit – Juicy) (50% donation at One Voice till July 22)
LaViere Irisia/Raspberry (rigged mesh dollarbie at Hair Fair)
Mad’ – Life Nails (Makeup and Tattoo (M&T) Hunt Gift)
Izzie’s – Eliza Skin ebony CL (Seraphim Birthday Hunt item, 10L)
[Plastik]-Jerusalem-Copper eyes (part of June dollarbie in store)
animated pose is built into Cheeky Pea, bae dock with blanket
location: Cheeky Pea

GIMP is the word.

What do you think?

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