Tokyo modern

The Gallery Gift Shop is celebrating its one-year anniversary with a gorgeous new build, a gift garden shed from L2, a new round of goodies to buy, and a hunt. Which, just between you and me, is pretty easy. Except for the Tableau Vivant gift, which eluded me. The gift from Miu Minuet at MiuMin is this cool resizable fish-bowl. You can wear it as a purse or rez it for your loft. Portia wears one of the new yukatas by Umi Usagi. I love this fabric because it reminds me of Klimt. Tokyo Modern comes with geta not shown here, and all the sculpty pieces are resizable. It’s available at the Bakumatsu Festival. (I had to take off the system skirt to make this pose work. If you keep it on, you’ll have no worries about people peering at your inadequately covered legs.) I had wanted to shoot this outfit at TGGS, but I needed to stay in a sandbox so I could feed a sick KittyCat. Which I crushed under my pose prop. Hehehe.

A lot of stuff went wrong with the graphics when I took these photos. I was a smart-ass and turned off SSAO. And I was a dumb-ass and neglected to select ambient occlusion. I didn’t correct all the resulting pixelation of Portia’s face because it’s actually quite pretty, like an oil painting. Rest assured that this Mother Goose’s dollarbie skin will be flawless for you. Portia’s funny eyebrows are TSG’s gift for the Makeup & Tattoo hunt. I’d like to see more creators do asymmetrical brow tattoos. Then we can all look like Stephen Colbert. Or me in RL.

Credits to creators
.::Mother Goose’s::.Abbey-1L (NEW)
“tSg” Miss Sassy Brow Blonde (M&T hunt gift)
(Chemistry) Hair – Vines – Reds – Copper
*MiuMIn* Kintoto Lovers (hunt gift at TGGS)
[Diktator]-DARE (S PINK)
pose prop: Glitterati, Blind
GIMPed and GIMPed again


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