Haute’s so hard

Sometimes Portia sits and broods. You’d think that with all this loot from The Couturiers Docks she would be dancing on air. (Or taking tiny steps so as not to fall off her Ezura non-heels.) But as all the leading fashionistas know, haute couture is a demanding mistress. When dressed to kill, it’s wiser to sit listlessly in a random shop than stalk rich men. Last I checked, Aliza Karu’s Tribute to Jean-Paul outfit and Riri Ninni’s Promises hairband for h.m.a.e.m were still available at The Docks, where the quantity of each discounted item is limited to 35.

Portia’s ornate mask is part of the Tribute to JP. Her delicious LpD makeup is already sold out at The Docks, so you will have to look for it in the main store. The One Voice fundraiser to help Gala Phoenix pay her legal costs in a copyright lawsuit continues to July 22. Portia’s scandalous N-Core shoes and sheer jumpsuit from Indyra are donation items. The jumpsuit has a single poofy sleeve, which I left off so that you could enjoy Portia’s Superbia tattoo. The ink lady has more life in her than my poor av, who’s been nursing a sick KittyCat with little hope of reviving the wretched beast.

As you see here, the tribute to M. Gaultier features a resizable belt decked out with giant feathers, half of which rise to the heights of Montmartre, while the others descend to the depths of the catacombs. Mons’ item for The Couturiers Docks is a Jelena shape and skin with three different pale peach or pink lipsticks, as well as a pair of lime-coloured eyes. I really like this gal’s tough look. Portia’s pink eye-patches are new from #7 at The Gallery Gift Shop. Creator Shortcake Sugarplum is celebrating TGGS’s one-year anniversary by setting out all the items she’s offered over the past year. Be warned: your av’s eyelids are gonna be exhausted if Ms. Sugarplum has her way.

Credits to creators (tysm Riri, Nevery, Aliza, Shortcake and Ezura)
Look one
AD Creations, Tribute to Jean-Paul [comes with the mask and feathered belt seen in pics 2 and 3] (The Couturiers Docks)
Deetalez, black nylon socks
+ eX + Mai eXtreme Ankle Boots *Black w/ Spikes –
MONS / Jelena Skin – The Couturiers Docks – light lips (The Couturiers Docks)
*LpD* MakeUp – *Conceptual* Pink Only Body
[ #7 ] Rock Hard prim LINER .pink. (at TGGS)
LaViere- Ambush/Creative Dye Blue tip (Hair Fair)
h.m.a.e.m. – promises hairband – 003 (The Couturiers Docks)

Look two
Indyra Originals, Venice (at One Voice)
N-core TRIUMPH “One Voice Edition”
IT GIRLS -Daph Pale / Dark Brows
*LpD* MakeUp – *Gold* Complete
AD Creations, the mask is part of Tribute to Jean-Paul (The Couturiers Docks) [I got a little carried away with the soft focus and had to restore the part that arches over the head. In anyone else’s life, it will look perfect.]
[LeLutka]-CHERYL hair – BlueNightFade [modded]
SuPerBia Tattoo – Goddess

location: ISON
pose three: Glitterati


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