Pedal that panda!

I confess that my brain is fried after a migraine and a bad day at the writing desk. I fear for my future. I regret wasting my life. But instead of sobbing into my pillow, I am blogging Aliza Karu’s epic 50s Goth Swimsuit, the Angels and Demons Creations donation item for Hope for Emilia. It’s perfect for Portia’s workouts on her exercise panda.

Making my own fun. Quite possibly running out of ideas.

Credits to creators
AD Creations, 50’s goth swimsuit [partial mesh, in only one size] (comes with a pretty lace skirt) (donation item at Hope for Emilia; ty Aliza!) Please read more about the fundraiser.
-Glam Affair – Giselle – Sent to Destroy 8 (not available)
[ #7 ] HFE _ . prom date . _ liner tattoo makeup (available at Hope for Emilia; ty Shortcake!)
[ #7 ] Akimasa daiyamondo (Jewels Deco) (available at The Retreat; ty Shortcake!)
blackLiquid MAKEUP – CULTURE SHOCK lips (not available)
Pixels, DemonBaby Gloves [White] (group only LB; fee to join)
Clawtooth: Mrs.Mittens – Black beauty
+ADDiCTIA+ METRO Sandals – Silver v1.0 – SL2.0+
d-lab: Panda 01 and 02 (yesterday’s FLF)
set: Sn@tch, Dark Photobox
I GIMPed, and I liked it.

It’s very technical.


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