Vintage tomoto

I’m always excited when Tomo Wachter posts an image of an elegant new tomoto kimono on Flickr. If the sight of a single garment inspires me, you can imagine how hard I fainted when I saw seven new beauties arrayed on tomoto’s signature mannequins in the little shop at Vintage Fair. Three of the kimonos feature fabric printed with an abstract wave motif (modeled by Stones in the middle of the collage). In addition to this softened “tricolore” version, there are graphic white-and-black and vibrant fuchsia-and-orange versions. Portia wears tomoto’s kingyo-adorned yukata, which will be available only in this dramatic black-and-electric-blue fabric. (Kingyo means goldfish. Portia is carrying two live ones in her gift bag from +9.)

Tomoto is also offering three fruit-themed kimonos at Vintage Fair. There are blue and orange versions as well as the green one pictured here. This pic is rich with upcoming releases. Also available as of August 4th at Vintage Fair are a trio of high-impact Flapper Makeups by The Skinnery and this adorable straw hat (with hair) by the Millinery Shoppe. If you like bold, brightly colored fabrics or the elegant and mysterious shapes of the Deco era, you will need to set aside a good chunk of your Vintage Fair time to choosing from among the stunning headpieces at MS. Finally, this photo features a cute new shape from AnnaA, which will be available at The Pink Ribbon Fair, also opening on August 4th. This fair is a fundraiser for The American Cancer Society, with particular emphasis on breast cancer.

If you like dramatic makeup, you should head to Blackliquid when you hit Vintage Fair. There are a number of eye-shadow and lipstick colour combinations to choose from in the Orient Express line. There’s also a cool Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt (not shown).

Credits (Thank you to all the Vintage Fair creators! URLs will be available on the 4th.)
Black yukata look
tomoto, vintage kingyo (at Vintage Fair)
[theSkinnery]Flapper makeup-3 (at Vintage Fair)
-Glam Affair- Leah Light – Clean BL
:::LP::: Sublime Enamel Earrings [Blue] (at Stuff in Stock)
Debrah’s “Coty” HighHeels Black Snake
+9 omatsuri kingyo (group gift in notices)
+tr+ & *bg* bee-dama kanzashi (Free @ The +9 bag is also available there.) UPDATED
SHI, ICON HAIR Jetblack (hairbase and buns)
MONS / Shocking eyes – grey
poses: Studio o0o, Rouge Pack (at Vintage Fair)

Tricolore kimono look
tomoto, vintage wave tricolore (at Vintage Fair)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Lilo – Carnelian – Steel – Earring (at Vintage Fair)
blackLiquid MAKEUP – Orient Express Harajuku (at Vintage Fair)
[ #7 ] CyberStar Decorative Lashes (at The Retreat; ty Shortcake!)
*MSS*, So sad little geisha dark brows (old gacha)
~Mynerva~Kia 3 Cleavage NB (old gg)
[ef], YOWO l Hair
!Ohmai : Hair Net Base [Jet] (Hair Fair gift)
N-core, SHARK 2 “One Voice Edition”
MONS / Shocking eyes – ice
poses: Nani, Pinup girl pack (at Vintage Fair)

Fruit kimono look
tomoto, vintage fruit green (with awesome stacked shoes not shown here!) (at Vintage Fair)
Millinery Shoppe, Summer roses straw cloche (blk hair) (at Vintage Fair)
::[annaA]:: Body Shape “Pinky” (at Pink Ribbon Fair, opening on August 4; ty Anna!)
[theSkinnery]Flapper makeup-1 (at Vintage Fair)
*JeSyLiLO*::OlegDouPierrot:::*GoStTon*J1 (not available)
Bliensen + MaiTai – Lilo – Carnelian – Gold – Earring (at Vintage Fair)
MONS – Elegance Ring Series – PAN / Fan Shopping Hunt (old hunt gift)
pose: Status, Page pack (at Vintage Fair)

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