I want to sleep in my own bed

After three years in SL, I find myself longing for a home. What stops me is the mystery of the process. Are there real estate agents in SL? Will they emote impatience when I tell them I can’t afford to spend a lot but want walk-in closets, hardwood floors, a park view and the subway at my doorstep? I also want a cat, in real life, but I am afraid that I will give a kitten a bad personality, have epic power struggles with an older adopted cat, and hate the thing for covering me in fur and spending too much time licking the spaces between its toes. I tried to revive the last SL KittyCat I sent into a coma by feeding it, but to no avail. I just ended up wasting electricity and hope. So that’s three I’ve sent to the menagerie. I saw a cute, hyper-active Zooby dog in Villena and found it delightful. The dogs are better drawn than the Zooby cats, which look dehaired and weird-faced. But won’t a Zooby dog wear me out with its dogness? (It’s not real, Portia. You can put it back in its box.)

For today’s report from Vintage Fair, I decided to challenge myself by wearing pretty, flowery dresses, which I tend to avoid in every life. With the Sn@tch bubble-skirt dress, you get a whole fatpack of gorgeous colours. The Geometry hippie dress is mesh and it comes in a wide range of colour combos. Awesome heels on the Bubble Electric mesh boots, right?

I finally managed to hit the Pink Ribbon Fair, and I am showing you the donation skin by Al Vulo, which comes with pink mesh eyes not shown. I love Annalesca Ashbourne’s “I take care of my boobies” branding, which is the PRF hunt gift at her shop. This simple statement is tattoo-boastful but funny and touching.

Credits to creators (thank you very much to all the VF creators! All shop URLs can be found on the VF website. UPDATE I will try to provide missing ones.)
Look like a deb
:::Sn@tch June Party Dress (Peach)::: (at Vintage Fair)
/Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Cinnamon (at Vintage Fair)
al vulo- Candy *pink heart claveage jogurt with Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes (donation item at Pink Ribbon Fair, includes two makeups)
::[annaA]:: ‘s Branding ” Care ” PRF Hunt (at annaA shop; ty Anna!)
Eclectica ‘Nouveau Leaves’-jewellery set (at Vintage Fair)
[creator Ju Weissnicht] MIlady – blush
MONS / Shocking eyes – hazel
pose 2: Apple Spice, Gown pack

Look like a deb of a later era
[theSkinnery]Sophia-Pin up(toffee) LB CL3 (at Vintage Fair)
SEVEN – Glossy Lipstick (nude) (at Vintage Fair)
BE; worn boots [grape] M (at Vintage Fair)
Geometry > Daisy > Nightshade > S (at Vintage Fair)
[ glow ] studio Birdy Ring Gold (at Vintage Fair)
LaGyo_Brighton Beach headbend gold (Collabor88 collection ends today)
[kik]hair-Brigitte I(sherbet3)
pose: Di’s Opera, Rockabilly pack (at Vintage Fair)

GIMPed but not pimped


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