To the end of love

Sometimes you TP to the wrong fair. My squees danced a foxtrot when I unboxed Milla Tatham’s Salima gown for Solidea Folies at the Vintage Fair. Salima is one of three gowns based on the same simple mesh dress with an elongated shirred bodice and a pale-black skirt, which is straight but soft, as though it were cut on the bias. Each outfit in this mini-collection ornaments the basic dress with variations on the diaphanous flexi skirt and different sleeve and neckline treatments. Each of the sculpty elements is scripted for resize. I toyed with the idea of blowing up the shoulders till Portia looked like a football player. But then I thought “She’s standing next to a giant ox or something—show a little respect.” The element that made me choose Salima over the other dresses is the string of fabric-covered balls and flowers that circle the neck. They just feel soooo Chanel.

Also available from Vintage Fair: another ravishing hairdo from Tuty’s, which is this year’s go-to shop for perfect vintage coiffures. Portia’s new essences skin is also a VF purchase. I love the contrast of generous dark freckles with the pale Rose tone of Moira. I didn’t want Portia to look conventionally made-up in this skin, so instead of eye-shadow and lipstick I added just the blush included and lots of liner and lashes from my inventory. I didn’t touch the skin when I GIMPed this photo, so you are seeing it as I shot it, without shadows. Please be sure to demo skins since Windlight and graphics cards and viewers and monitors combine to make skins vary from av to av.

Credits to creators (a big thank you to the VF creators!)
*SoliDea FoliEs* Salima (NEW at Vintage Fair)
TuTy’s ADORABLE – Updo hairstyle – Blue antracite (NEW at Vintage Fair)
{.essences.} Moira – Rose with {.essences.} Blush: pink sherbet (NEW at Vintage Fair)
[ glow ] studio – Pin up eyeliner
Mynerva Free Eyelashes (old gift)
Mynerva ~Platinum Drow Eyeliner (old hunt gift)
LaGyo_Osti earring
poche ice cream Dark cherry (10L gacha at the Poche dessert house)
MONS / Shocking eyes – ice
Glitterati, Bouquet
location: Pals Meadow 2

GIMP didn’t get very far with that ox around. (I have no idea what I mean by that.)


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