Everybody’s satisfied

This is the picture I wanted to take of Bilo’s NaniMa dress, which is 50% off, like everything in the store, through August 13th. The dress definitely said “vintage” to me when I tried it on. Because of its long, asymmetrical skirt, it felt down-at-heel rather than rich and chic, and the prospect of picturing dispossession intrigued me. Very dim recollections of the undeveloped suburban landscape of Nights of Cabiria had me imagining Portia walking through a dusty, desolate landscape wearing her only dress and some peasant shoes. Typing “desolate” into SL search turned up the usual stuff: sex clubs for depressed people and vampires-vs-child-avs sims, which I support unconditionally, but which don’t take kindly to visitors. Luckily, I remembered Elephant & Hierophant as a sim with rural roads and stone steps. The pic I took is a little too biblical for my taste, and all that water is inappropriately luxurious, but I felt satisfied.

Then I thought of you, gentle reader, and realized that you wouldn’t be able to bear seeing an av this bare. So I thought of Wong Kar Wai and took this snap as I attempted unsuccessfully to figure out what to do at Horror Night. I did win a prize by helping out a goldfish that complained, quaintly, that he was “hurtful” and needed my help. How could I say no to the poor thing?

Balancing on a star. No prize there.

Credits to creators (ty to Vintage Fair creators!)
Bilo- NaniMa’s Dress XS (Blood) (on sale)
/Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Black coffee (at Vintage Fair, already blogged)
{.essences.} Moira – Rose (at Vintage Fair, already blogged)
Look poor
*SLAVE* Dressing Room, Sandal beige (NEW; mesh; 5 colors in a pack for 150L; HUD uses rainbow palette/RGB input; ty Cristine Easterling!)
pose: PDA, not available
Look rich
Zibska, Peggy ~ Leopard pillbox (at Vintage Fair)
PIDIDDLE – Fleurir Sunshades – Tuna Roe (at Collabor88; ty Brutus!)
[Atomic] Grace Skin (DB)_Buff – Sting Me (former TDR Exclusive)
Fleshtone, Black Cuffs
Schadenfreude Carmine Pander Stockings (FLF yesterday)
:Kookie: / Vo pumps / Noir
first pose: tea.soup, not available


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