Cubed in

The toughest thing about SLife as a blogger is finding a pose that will not force me to eliminate accessories. You have no idea how many times I have had to de-clutch Portia because the pose I want to use is not bag-friendly. Then I have to listen to her complaints about the under-büb chafing from all the loonies and twonies she’s forced to carry in her bra. It’s just not worth it. So today, nothing comes between Portia and her purse. This big whopper of a bag is the first gift for the Auxiliary VIP group, which is currently FREE to join. In case you didn’t know, Auxiliary is what you get when you mix Aura and Illusory. I have no idea if it’s safe to leave the VIP groups for those brands. It’s kinda dumb to be using three group slots when one would do.

I’m still in love with Byuri from Umazuma Metaluna at The Skinnery. If you’re at Vintage Fair, you can pick up Byuri there. There are five skin tones and three makeup variations: a bare face, which Portia wears here, a casual makeup and an evening makeup. There are three brow colours and three variations of cleavage in each pack. I should probably stop shooting my favourite faces under weird light or from weird angles. The fact is that faces with character thrive under adverse conditions in a way that smooth visages do not. Also at Vintage Fair, Aikea Rieko has released some lovely dusky-coloured lace blouses to put you in the mood for fall. If that mood allows for a scalloped hem that barely covers your av’s bazoombas.

Credits to creators (ty to Vintage Fair creators!)
[theSkinnery]Byuri-Bare face(brownie) DB CL3 (ty Umazuma Metaluna!)
.::CENSORED::. Secret_Lipstick_2 (came with skin gift at Vanity Fair)
:[P]:-IndustryLace://Concrete (at Vintage Fair)
(TokiD) cocoro shorts_Small (aztec red) (these are gorgeous: there’s a few left at Limited Bazaar)
(TokiD) soft simple shirt_Small (calm)
Lush Limited: Rung Earrings Silver (at Vintage Fair)
Auxiliary, Oversized Tote (VIP group gift)
LaGyo_Bizarre flower ring (at Collabor88)
Vanity Hair: Jioni HP-Chocolate
{mon tissu} Openwork Wedges ~ Coral
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown
pose prop: Glitterati (on sale for 100L)


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