Somebody’s fierce

Precious is the brand new skin from Sopha Portal at My UglyDorothy. Precious is not your average face. This is a high-colour skin in three dark tones with matte colour-block makeups. In this post, I’m showing you the Black tone, above, and the Cacao tone, below. Check out Sopha’s Flickr to see the Sienna tone and all the makeups. Also check out the Pleisure Flickr for another shot from me.

This fab Eshi Otawara outft is only 99L at Gypset Market. I don’t know why I threw in this lamp from Meshworx. Maybe because my new animated cat was intimidated by Stones’s dress. That’s right, I found a cat I can’t kill. (I did break it twice. But broken is not comatose. That’s my new motto.)

Credits to creators
*MY UGLYDOROTHY -Precious (NEW; ty Sopha!)
in pic one: 05 and 03 in the Black tone
in pic two: 04 in Cacao
Eshi Otawara, Joy (at Gypset Market)
-dDx- Sydd (Eggplant)
Sonatta Morales*8* Flapper bangles (old gift)
Meshworx, Lamp
pose prop by Magpie was a Culture Shock exclusive
GIMP took care of the nasty black lines. Please demo the skins. I did things with Windlight that may not be legal.


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