I’ve always wanted to know if Portia could pull off a set of Diram’s mega-shoulders. I made her extra tall and skinny and then slipped her into the carnivalesque Brigitte dress, which is available at Vintage Fair. (Don’t forget that Vintage Fair ends on July 29.) Brigitte is also available as a pair of black shorts and bolero jacket. This gives you more options than the one-piece dress, but the dress comes with a circular hat. I took a chance on the boots from HOC Industries, which are also a Vintage Fair offering. I figured for 195L I would risk something I couldn’t demo, if only to keep my readers informed. Turns out that I like the line of the boot, and it has just enough highlighting. (There’s a fat folder in inventory hell for boots with too much shine.) The HUD offers a range of mostly primary pre-set colours, with extra “group only” options in very bright latex. The group is free to join. Do that before you put on the HUD.

I promised you more from the latest edition of The Gallery Gift Shop. Portia wears the Vieja Martha lashes from Lucky #7. These lashes look like perfect calligraphic strokes, which somehow give me a feeling of elation. (The pack includes a version with no butterfly.) And as usual, these can be gifted to your bestie. Portia’s elaborate earrings are another Vintage Fair treat, also HUD colour-changeable, from Me Jewelry. The Ninna earrings are part of a collection that includes a belly chain and an anklet as well as the usual rings, bracelets and necklace.

Credits to creators (ty to the Vintage Fair creators!)
DIRAM, Dress+Bolero (MESH) – XS size (at Vintage Fair)
HOC Industries – Thigh Boots (Extra Small) (at Vintage Fair)
[ #7 ] Vieja Martha :Fly Away: Lashes wings (new at The Gallery Gift Shop)
{me.} Ninna Earring BIG // (at Vintage Fair)
booN DQO010 hair purple (NEW)
booN gathered raised hairbase purple
MONS / Jelena Skin – The Couturiers Docks – pink lips (not available in this makeup)
THEODORA, Cyberslave Depersonalise Latex Gloves (no longer available)
o*m, leggings2(black) (cannot find the shop in search)
BENT, Inspire Shadow Box Set Spheres (Seraphim b’day. item)
GIMPed for your pleisure.


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